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Professional Facilities & Equipments

(1) The department has professional classrooms, the types are as follows:

  1. Digital sightseeing: computer classroom, food information system Micros, digital studio, audio and video editing software, digital camera, motion capture laboratory
  2. Hospitality Service: Dining Service and Bartending Classroom, Intern Café and Creative Light Food Classroom (9th Floor, Famin Building)
  3. Tourism: Internship Travel Agency and Passenger Service Center, Guided Interpretation Classroom, Large Conference Ladder Classroom (120 people), Outdoor Interpretation Ladder Square
  4. Leisure: ecological trails, beauty and beauty classrooms, fitness classrooms, gymnasiums

(2) Photo of professional classrooms

  • T303 beverage preparation and dining classroom
    T303-beverage preparation and dining classroom
  • T304 multi-purpose classroom (wine tasting room)
    T304-multi-purpose classroom (wine tasting room)
  • T311 digital sightseeing classroom
    T311-digital sightseeing classroom
  • T315 Internship Travel Agency
    T315-Internship Travel Agency
  • T504 video editing classroom / discussion room
    T504-video editing classroom / discussion room
  • T512 leisure activity classroom
    T512-leisure activity classroom
  • T513 local industry classroom
    T513-local industry classroom
  • T514 Tour Planning Classroom
    T514 Tour Planning Classroom
  • Leisure corner (industry sightseeing, leisure agriculture, world heritage)
    Leisure corner (industry sightseeing, leisure agriculture, world heritage)